Birth of the soul

The longing for yourself is the deepest longing that inhabits you.

Often we believe that we long for a certain partner, situation or even to feel a certain way… yet… much deeper is the longing to feel, love and know yourself, to live yourself fully. 

Out of this consciousness we no longer lack anything. We move freely in our own flow, on the ground that is ours.

Here, totally here, rooted in the NOW. The NOW is our reality, because life moves from NOW to NOW.

That which was, is fully incorporated and isn’t holding us back. That, which is ahead is neutral and open, because it is free from the yearning hope for a better future.

Here our trust is born. NOW.

This moment is the gate to eternity. Our soul is eternal and is not bound to time and condition.

Your essence, your truth, your love are alive in your soul. 

You have a task and very special qualities here in these times of great shifts. With them you become visible in our human community. I will help you to touch those qualities and discover who you are with them.

I provide the space, that you can recognize your path more and walk it.

Because I walk this path, I can see your path. I walk to go ahead . I walk to tell you that you can trust. You are amazing and very welcome.

You are invited, to reveal your deepest secrets firstly to yourself and then to the world, to open up for something completely new and unknown in yourself. 

Receive yourself, to heal in completeness and to touch us from there. For a humankind that relates from truth and connects in unity.

Om Namah Shivaya

My offer for you:  

4 sessions ( duration 70- 90 min), one reading for your soul ( you will receive from me as an MP3 format )

The price is 800€.

We will connect via skype, or any other media available to you.

The process will take maximum 2 months, we will book the sessions in the rhythm that you need. You will receive homework and we are in Email contact for your questions.

The sessions: 1. Truth 2. Love 3. Transformation 4. Essence


Birth of the soul

The birth of the soul is a process with various episodes, because it takes certain cycles for all the different aspects that our soul has to come to life. 

What actually is the soul?

The answer is wordless. Listen deep into yourself, without having a question or even waiting for an answer…. there you will find the vibration of your soul.

The soul is a powerful widely networked structure that has its unique pattern for everyone. It pulsates in the rhythm of the divine and is complete.

It passes through experiences and the human incarnation is a very important place on this journey. Especially now on earth, where so much change takes place and new energetic spaces are opening inevitably. We can experience the soul with all its facets, colors, its power and beauty.

It appears in us when we are presently BEING. To BE in the NOW is a key stimulus for this connection.

We work on this connection. It is about bringing your own truthful structure to blossom in all aspects of yourself.

To be amazed and curiously open to yourself is a good base to learn about something which has no judging past.

The seminar takes 2 days and costs 380€

Om Namah Shivaya

Für Dich

Es ist wie ein Staunen, ein neugierig offen sein, ein Lauschen …. und ein ganz neues Lernen was keine wertende Vergangenheit hat.


For you

Seminar cost* 380 €

It takes 2 days

Day one: 10-18h

Day two: 10-16h

If you are a group of people joining together for the seminar, I am happy to travel to your grounds.




Personal coaching, spiritual healer, instructor of seminars around aura work and healing

Find yourself and peace will be.

To be happy should be the main aim for all of us. Lasting and true bliss pours out of the essence of what you are.

You are here to find that and to liberate yourself out of stress and tightness. I invite you to liv your essence.

I reach my loving hand out to you…

Every loving and awake human being lights up this world and inspires all the others with their presence. Lets conquer this world with love and light through the networks that we are.

It is time! Our time….

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