To be a seer means to see the source in all. The unobstructed view into DIVINE sees in people, even in chaos and tragedy the divine.

The seer holds this connection, so that people and the world find orientation toward the divine.

Visions, wishes and dreams can be aligned with the deepest truthful point.

The seer is here, so that the confusion that people are lost in, because they lost this connection, can be aligned and healed. 

All humans hold a deep desire to be connected to the source.

The seer has the key, to touch this desire in the people, because she communicates these mystic ways. And the people on the other hand remember that they can find this connection again via the  seer.

Finally humans will reach their goal  and arrive in being happy and fulfilled, connected to their true self.

I have grown so much thanks to you people who have opened up to me and trust in my work and thanks to my teachers, who helped me to recognize myself. Thank you!!!

Together we will create a new world of truth, peace and love!

My story

How I started

One life with so many life times and stories…

Yet the only thing that really moves me is to BE ONE with the source of the divine self.

In the first part of my life, which started in 1972, I couldn’t  have formulated those words, yet the desire was always there.

So I searched in many journeys around the world, in art and dance, in cultures. I lived in Berlin, London, Barcelona, Venedig, Den Haag and now in HOF in Germany.

I fell in love with our earth. I studied Fine art and language in London and Barcelona. I had exciting jobs.

In 2004 I discovered myself to be a healer. In that very moment a long search found its destination and since that day I walk the path of a healer /revealer. 

I have touched hundreds of people with my gift. I have healed, inspired and irritated. I have stayed true to myself. 

My gift is a clairvoyant perception and a deep recognition and comprehension of the paths of my fellow human beings. I am aware of the responsibility that comes with that and it truly satisfies me to move forward with people through their processes. 

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