Life stands for constant change here on earth. I believe in Love and that the consciousness in the heart can lead to the unshakeable, unchangeable inside of us.

This time is a moment where I offer guidance to people. I would like to inspire meditation and access to a deep consciousness, because it is necessary to be able to find true and genius solutions to the complex world that we live in.

Where our consciousness is not, we won’t be alive.

 After numerous successful years as a healer and guide in seminars about healing, meditation and aura, I became more and more quiet…..

And I still feel today that the challenges of this time less and less respond to classical methods. We have to dig deeper, to access to resource new inner levels. The old fortresses of knowledge and concepts are falling. The silence within, is the place where the golden treasure box resides. Here is my guidance alive to help you find your treasures, they are so valuable for you and for us. Here is where we undo the roots of our blockages. This is my greatest joy, this is why I am here.

Awareness of unity is entered when you have emptied your mind. Here starts a great freedom which is nourished out of a unity which is perceived new in every moment.

Out of that I facilitate the ways that I offer you here, very aware that the healing power nurtures out of THAT, which is the Self.

Relationship is a subject with much confusion, complicated communication within and with the other, unresolved wounds and impotency and much uncovered potential. I feel privileged to help you heal, order and transform your current situation and bring awareness.

I was born in 1972 in Leipzig in Germany and have lived in many places in this world. In my healing work I have touched hundreds of people in private sessions, seminars and workshops. Currently I am in the Düsseldorf area in Germany.

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