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Love is essence and the most desired state of feeling for us as human beings. Real love is a state of being within, it has an emotional repercussion also, yet isn’t an emotion, but the very powerful gate to the SELF, to the big inner return home.

If you search for love in another, or are not satisfied with the flow of love with the other, it is a sure sign that you are not enough in touch with your own essence of love. It needs turning inward. Inward meditative silence to remind yourself on this powerful SELF and cultivate it, to more and more be tuned. This is the base for all successful understanding with the other.

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Why can’t we all just be love, live love and speak love? Good question! Children many times show us that it is possible…Yet as an adult we experience a complex fabric of „I’s“ or Egos, that are woven of our experiences, most times they reach deep into our soul fabric and then connect us to obstacles and blockage. Sometimes even abuse and trauma come in the way of being at ease with the other.

Instead of wanting to get rid of it ( which in the end you will ), acceptance comes first and the investigation of the EGO part, that tells that story in you.

If you find yourself in a strange place inside, stop the motion and ask yourself: to whom is this happening? Who is this? And you are already starting to bring awareness into it. 

Start investigating very clearly what is happening. Stop your tracks, stay silent and observe. Who am I?

I help you in discovering the extend and depth of the lost identifications within ( the map of the ego ). I hold the space of awareness and will make sure, that you will be liberated of deep rooted issues.

The moment awareness goes into unnecessary behavior patterns for example, these structures disappear permanently. We pull out confusion by the root. So that the simple loving SELF takes up more and more of your inner reality.

Relationship is a great catalyst for self growth, because it shows us very clearly the inner fabric of ego structures, as all that happens to me is only inside of me. The other may be the trigger, but liberation takes place only inside yourself. 

My personalized offer to you of a set of 4 Sessions: 

You learn a lot about yourself and explore your inner realm. Where consciousness reaches, aliveness is. Emotions and thoughts play a great role here and how you perceive them consciously, heal and dominate them with love presence. The base of this journey is your unshakeable love. From the obvious patterns of your psyche we go deeper into the inner world of energies and chakras. Where deep consciousness starts. We heal deep blockages.

We clear hindering family structures and other inner systems, that have you acting the same unhealthy way over.

4 Sessions, recordings, personal work material and open guidance by mail.           Price: 600€

You create your own change in your rhythm, we will adjust your schedule and needs.I am looking forward to work with you.


Fulfilled Relationship Life counseling specifically for couples.

Do you have a longing to be happy in relationship?

Behind the disappointment lay important keys to your self realization, behind the pain and the fear of separation lays the path to unity within yourself.

I guide you on the path to liberation within the relationship. When the ties, bonds and limitations are dissolved, the path opens up for unconditional love. Within this freedom you reveal yourself and you will understand why these stories are happening to you exactly that way. You recognize your partner truly.

You come in touch with valuable parts of yourself that lay behind the fear and experience of separation.

Your self love starts to unveil more and gives space for the unbound path together. You give each other space to walk each ones authentic path.

Joint tasks become clear. Ancient pain finds liberation and the old patterns of entanglement are revealed and healed.

I invite you into the fire of love. It will warm and melt your hearts and deeply touch you. Out of this fire your very own path of healing emerges. It will guide you to your completeness. Being complete within yourself means living a fulfilled life.

Complete beings love in freedom and live in peace.

Om Nama Shivay.

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My offer

You may attend the treatment by yourself or with your partner, or if you are single, searching for a relationship, or moving out of one and having trouble letting go.Wherever you stand right now, we will start from right there.

The little package

4 sessions if it is just for you * 600€ * or

4 sessions for you and your partner * 1200€ *. ( the dynamics of which session is for you, or your partner or both of you at the same time immerses once we start)

We will work with the structures that surface. You will get a good grip on your situation. The change starts.



My recommendation for you,

10 sessions just for you * 1500€ *,

15 sessions for you and your partner * 2550€ *, ( the dynamics of which session is for you, or your partner or both of you at the same time immerses once we start)

A much more comprehensive work is possible. Important key points within your system can be cleared, and emotional patterns cleansed. You can find new dynamics.

Your issues with relationship will be explored into depth and profoundly changed.

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