Healing sessions

I give you my hand, so that you can understand yourself. You will discover yourself and heal.

To recognize your situation in the game of your life is healing.

I give you my hand, because I can see your pain and the gate of salvation that lays behind it.

I see you.

Take my hand and enter your sacred space, your inner world, which knows about itself. Here you have arrived. You are one with your goal, your task and all the tools that you need. Here is clarity and simplicity.

Here you are whole.


Every being, every cell, every circumstance, every family has an energetic structure at its base. 

That is the level where I am working. I look into the structure and see paths that we can walk together to transform your situation.

If you are burdened by stress, search for solutions with partnerships, are ill … wherever you are: here is where the transformation starts. You come in contact with yourself, your inner power and the way to feel and guide yourself. You will discover and learn a lot.

I work with you by skype or other media options, you will receive personalized guided meditations and methods that you can apply in your every day life.

I will guide you through your inner labyrinth.

Om Namah Shivaya

I work via Skype, Facetime, Zoom or Watsapp. You will receive personalized meditations and exercises that can accompany your everyday life to deepen your practice.

My offer:

One session is around 70 min ( it lasts as long as it takes) – 150€

I recommend a packet of 4 sessions – 550€

Contact me via email if you have questions, I am happy to attend you.

A warm welcome to you.

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